Image of the venerable J. Haley, founder, lover, and mad man.J. Haley is a California born Texan from Idaho, who enjoys the movies, listening to whale song, and smelling rain just before it hits. When he isn’t drawing things on stuff or stuff on things, he involves himself with an artistically therapeutic approach to recover lost memory of the future via the cyclical nature of the universe. Many of his new works created during this ritualistic trance-like state, induced by the extreme heat of the brutal Texas summer, illustrate the future…some time, somewhere.

He started drawing in his early childhood, following instructions from Ed Emberley’s Drawing Books. After that, other books taught him how to draw faces, horses, and dogs, which he quickly incorporated into original scenarios. He consistently received “A’s” on his perspective and shading assignments in seventh grade, and was accepted into Advanced Placement Art his senior year. Throughout college he honed his skill of still life and gestural life drawing, moving into sumi ink and conte crayons. His post graduation work with abstraction opened his repertoire of markings. Over the last decade his work in charcoal of things on stuff and stuff on things has brought back life drawing, and even more recently mingled it with his painterly expressive techniques.

His writing as been featured in Austin, Texas’ Cantaker Magazine, and the Boise Weekly of beautiful Idaho. He began writing in fun and creative ways in elementary, and took every chance to walk his words into the descriptive and whimsical while in high school. In seventh grade, as the first elective class he had the freedom to choose himself, he chose Creative Writing. Through college he gained the understanding of critical writing while working on a science degree, and content and marketing writing while working on an arts degree. His first published work was for a newly formed “rag” in Olympia, Washington in 1997 and he has taken every writing opportunity that had popped up since.


J.Haley has shown works in Boise, Portland, Olympia, and Albuquerque, and Austin. Through his silent auctions and self produced shows his works have circulated throughout the United States; finding homes in New York, Santa Fe, Salt Lake City, Tennessee, South Carolina, Boise, Portland, and Seattle.

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