It can be difficult to explain, given the circumstance of the medium we are using to explain, but we will give it the old college try. You see, words are fun as they not only inform, but they can entertain. And, where we are concerned, infotainment or entermation is an obvious side effect of our primary goal…

The J. Haley Arts Institute is – Dedicated to Enriching Life through Art and Creativity.

Our Mission

The J. Haley Arts Institute works diligently at research and activities designed to promote, propagate, disseminate, actualize, and achieve an increased level of life satisfaction in any and all people we can reach. We focus on art and creativity as our main tools to further this mission, and are not limited by our material, medium, or media, utilizing any procedure or process at hand, from classical to modern from technological to primitive. We are not driven by capital, although monetary subsidies can help us keep our vehicle in drive. We are driven by ideals, dreams, happiness, and a desire to continue our own development towards an empathetic and otherwise enjoyable approach to life as we know it.

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