J. Haley ApprovalThough we are unable to fully confirm the data, we believe that the J. Haley Arts Institute communicates from the future through J. Haley, via a Ouija Board style of computer keyboarding. Though that technically makes it us whom are the institute and do the writing you read today, that is also a matter we cannot fully confirm. We can tell you a few things that either won’t create a time rift or uncontrollable paradox(plural) and/or are total lies laid here in order to repair or create specific time rifts or a controlled paradox(singular).

These ‘things’ as follows…

It has been written, that a collaboration of sorts formed in the most unlikely of days, by two of the mightiest of historic figures of all time. A collaboration that changed history as we speak, or at least what you were taught we speak.

One man by the name of Benjamin Franklin started the chain of events. Though many speculate that Franklin didn’t actually perform his famous ‘kite’ experiment, it is our assertion that, not only, did he perform this experiment, but performed it on many occasions. As evidence only revealed and available to us, the J. Haley Arts Institute, in your future, we have come to these conclusions.

The experiment describes a key, to act as a Leiden Jar, but in reallity Mr. Franklin used his homemade spectacles instead. This object not only proved to have an extremely high rate of dialectic absorbsion, but the residual charge, after initial discharge, would give the wearer a most uncanny experience… Even into the 3rd and 4th residual discharge.

This experience can only now be described as: seeing through the eyes of one Mr. Nikola Tesla approxmentally 120 years in the future.

As seen by Franklin’s work after 1750, in papers such as, “Waterspouts and Whirlwhinds”, his publications began to pick up slight influences from the visions he was experiencing. It is our belief that these visions also led to Franklin’s early adoption of Christiaan Huygens’ wave theory of light. This brought him to the write “The Way to Wealth” which we now understand as an amateur approach to paradox theory. With lines such as, “One today is worth two tomorrows,” or, “Have you somewhat to do tomorrow, do it today,” and immediately followed with, “Early to bed, early to rise, blah, blah, blah…” it is obvious that the Conundrum Effect from Paradox Overlap had already begun. It is only even more poignant in Benjamin’s readaptation of the proverb, “For want of a nail…” which easily depicts an early attempt to describe chaos theory, involving reactive reliance on the beginning data source, and more importantly the intercorrelation of military theory in maintaining world peace.

These facts and Franklin’s belief that Tesla also wished for a prosperous future in human and democratic coexistence, compelled him to configure a way to get the glasses into Tesla’s hands to further his work in ways that Franklin was able to build upon his. This method, of Franklin’s design, with the help of his Lightning Lenses™ led him to create a butterfly effect through his illegitimate progeny.

Franklin’s illigitmate son, William Franklin, passed the glasses on to his illegitimate son, WilliamTemple Franklin, who passed them on to his illigitamate child, Ellen. It is Ellen’s story and a death bed bucket list style trip from France to Austria in 1875, that eventually got the glasses into Tesla’s hands, then on his face, then incorporated into the very heart of Wardenclyff Tower Facillitiy.

When Tesla received the Glasses while in Engineering School, he discovered their capabilities, and quickly dropped out of college. With the glasses, he had “visions” while taking strolls. These apparitions in white light were in all actuality, not only visions of the future, but visions of Tesla’s own work as seen through the eyes of our founder, J. Haley.

You see, not to many years in your past, J. Haley was hanging at Tesla’s Birthday Art and Experience Event held at the Pump Project Satellite, hosted by Cathy Savage, the artist, and Cody Scrogum, the Twin Villian. During each occurrence of this event Tesla was able to glean even more and more inspiration from the very work he had accomplished in the past of this visionary future. We are still not sure why it was J. Haley who’s eyes through which he saw, as we are not sure why Tesla was Franklins eyes, but we are sure that the glasses were not recovered or passed on to J. Haley. It appears that the defunding and dismantling of the Facillity lead to the loss.

It is also our assertion that Tesla may have been able to open a connection of sorts with J.’s mind that was never truly closed and gives us the ability to send hints or suggestions to him, which he then turns into this drivel.

And ultimate drives him mad.

You have already discovered, this is the J. Haley Arts Institute.

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