If It Were An Actual Facility : Exploring the J. Haley Arts Institute.

Imagine a world connected by one commonality,
An innate human trait,
That we call creativity.

We invite you to come to a talk to learn about a building designed to foster creativity.

Presented by the artist J. Haley,
Together we will imagine the J. Haley Arts Institute
As an actual facility.
Including the entirety of the building,
Artistic features,
And practical functions.

On Thursday, April 30 at 7 PM
@ the Chelmsford Public Library
Mark your calendars and come on down, to learn more about the
J. Haley Arts Institute.

This Talk is a part of

Cultural Immigrants – a Shared Passion to Create
Thursday Gallery Talks curated by Maxine Farkus.

Gain more knowledge of the show here. 


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Sea Farm Grow Orb Special.

We have just finished with the first of a series of ten type set prints w/ original mixed media drawings. Featuring the Sea Farm Grow Orb, we are proud to say that this creation is a true J. Haley Arts Institute Product Lab original. Featuring the Sunshine Turbine Homing Beacon, you can rest assured that […]

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GyroGPS Limited Run Editions and Tees


Just hand silk-screened a short run of “color options” posters for the GyroGPS Designated Driver Bar Stool. You can choose to have J. Haley add any color or pattern of which you dream, for a nominal fee. Also, try taking a print home to color yourself for a fraction of the cost!… Heck! You can even color it here, at the Pop-up Parking Lot Product Lab at Pump Project this coming Saturday or Sunday. While supplies last.

Also a few GyroGPS Tees made it out of the screening flurry… a men’s large on blue, and a women’s green, and the elusive ladies style black on black tee.

These are very limited runs and won’t last long.

All works will be signed in your presence with a special note just for you, in order to verify authenticity.



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Parking Lot Pop-up Product Lab @ Pump Project

Thanks to all who came out this weekend! One more weekend to go. Nov, 17th & 18th http://eastaustinstudiotour.com

East Austin Studio Tour 2012 kinetic battery
Morning Set-up • kinetic battery
East Austin Studio Tour 2012 vintage car upgrades
Parking Lot Pop-up • Vintage Car Upgrades
East Austin Studio Tour 2012 Clipboard thingys
E.A.S.T. Set-up • Pile of preexisting product studies
East Austin Studio Tour 2012 giant pelican
The Last of the Giant Animals.

Setting up is the most important step. As this was our first attempt at a Parking Lot installment, it was crucial that we maintained an equilibrium between flexibility and permanence. All of our work is adaptable and upgrade ready, and likewise, it is unique and considered complete as is. It is our goal that you, as a Product Lab Patron, are allowed a choice from a collection of art pieces which represent a variety of stages and moments from our entire process. If your taste is for pages of the artist's journal, for finished framed originals, or for calendars, magnets, and Tee's, we at the Product Lab want to fulfill your dream. This coming weekend you can even create combinations of your own! Order a T-Shirt with a diagrammatic study printed on it, or request a diagrammatic study of a T-Shirt Printer!


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