If It Were An Actual Facility : Exploring the J. Haley Arts Institute.

Imagine a world connected by one commonality,
An innate human trait,
That we call creativity.

We invite you to come to a talk to learn about a building designed to foster creativity.

Presented by the artist J. Haley,
Together we will imagine the J. Haley Arts Institute
As an actual facility.
Including the entirety of the building,
Artistic features,
And practical functions.

On Thursday, April 30 at 7 PM
@ the Chelmsford Public Library
Mark your calendars and come on down, to learn more about the
J. Haley Arts Institute.

This Talk is a part of

Cultural Immigrants – a Shared Passion to Create
Thursday Gallery Talks curated by Maxine Farkus.

Gain more knowledge of the show here. 


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