Lasers rule! And so does danger!awesome

And now a word from our founder:


Salutations from New England!

It has been quite an adventure in the foliated, lake scattered, northern land. We have been working hard recapitulating a living condition, and have some great news!


A recent visit to Cambridge, Mass. has brought us into the arms of a great workshop and creative community… Danger!Awesome

As we all know Lasers rule, and now, we at the J. Haley Arts Institute, have the oppurtunity to continue our work manipulating the written word with permanent placement on various substrates… all thanks to Joelle Felyce's great research tactics, (you may be familiar with her as my wife and the creator of indecision dice)

Well, with her superior research tactics, we have discovered danger!awesome and secured a great meeting with founder Ali Mohammad. Definitely a swell guy, you just have to check out some of the rocking video projects he has had a hand on.




Totally check out this awesome video.



And this other sweet one.


Looking forward to more lasering. Until then, here are a few images of past lasered work.

Mechanism for Inland Pirating hand painted and laser etched
Hand painted, the Mechanism for Inland Pirating featuring laser etched text.
The best invention, soon to be formally released.
Etched and cut in acrylic, this product is functional and available to the public for a nominal fee.
Sea Farm Grow Farm
Left-over architectural model drops from MAKEatx member , up-cycled into model for Sea Farm Grow Orb
Acrylic signage depicting the know on the institute.
Letters etched in reverse on acrylic and mounted with etched side on black surface.
Tornado Turbine Power Hub is designed to rid us of our reliance on foreign oil.
Laser etched on plywood with hand drawn original.


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