Famous By Association……at Co-Lab (EAST)

We just received approval for a mini-installation at Co-Lab during EAST in Austin, TX. The Department of Gratuitous Promotion will take the lead in this project, as Co-Lab specializes in New Media Arts instead of purchasable products, such as the Product Lab produces. This is just dandy with us, as our last installation was very far removed form the purchasable. Please visit (here) to see the blurb about said installation.

As our contribution to the Co-Lab Group Show we will tap into the machine that is the “Famous By Association : the artist and me” project. This project has spanned a number of years, has infiltrated the search engine robot conglomerate, (please go to google and search – Famous artist association – to see our most recent number one score), and is a theme that has already visited Co-Lab’s brilliant show room.

Image of the famous artists of austin texas

warning http://famousbyassociation.com is under construction

As we rebuild our dedicated site, http://www.famousbyassociation.com, we will integrate a feature that is designed to work in unison with the mini-EAST-installation. This feature will allow people of the world to connect intimately with the East Austin Studio Tour, the artists, and the people on the tour. As it is our policy to keep the specifics vague, we promise that you will either enjoy the installation, or find yourself slightly confused and a little pissed at the gall of the J. Haley Arts Institute and the obviously over-inflated ego of our founder.

Famous artists of our time

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