The Product Lab moves to New Hampshire.

Well folks, the move is on!

We have begun the relocation process to beautiful New Hampshire. The move to New England has been on the books for quite some time now, and today we will actually leave the state of Texas with art in tow.

This move will give the people of the Northeast United States better access to our services and works and satisfy the demands and requests of our clients throughout the world. With access to New York readily available, the J. Haley Arts Institute will be able to reach out to an international audience due to the city's world wide notoriety. We look forward to serving the people of the Earth, and someday will even reach the stars.


Even more exciting news related to the move……

Drill piece at the Austin-Bergstrom international airport
Here is the piece at the airport.

Some of you may remember our participation and facilitation of an art showing at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport featuring the work of Pump Project Satellite Artists, and a piece by our founder J. Haley. Well, a wonderful lady from North Carolina had been traveling through Austin, expressed interest in the piece, but we were unable to get her the piece due to high shipping costs…. Well … We have the piece loaded up and have offered to swing it by gratis! …and she accepted! She promises to show our driver/delivery guy/promotions specialist/founder around Chapel Hill's art scene and he looks forward to the visit.

The drill piece is drawn using paint markers on an outdated/vintage set of the Handyman's Encyclopedia and is of an image found inside the cover. Mounted on a old dry erase board and reinforced with salvaged lumber, this piece isn't all that light, hence the shipping woes.

so many things... A show by j. Haley

It was created for J. Haley's solo show at the Bay 6 gallery, January 2010, titled – “so many things…” and featured mixed media drawings and paintings of stuff on stuff. The Institute had yet to contact J at that time, but we are amazed that he had already begun studying preexisting products and creating works about them…

Kinda like, a preexisting product reproduction prescient portrayal… Or not.

We just like to think that maybe we were communicating with J well before he realized our existence. (if this line of thoughts confuses you, please refer to our History page)

The drill at Bay 6 gallery by J. haley mixed media art
Here you see the first showing of the drill at Bay 6 gallery.


Drill piece at pump project art complex
Here you see the drill in its most recent showing at Itself! EXPOatx2012! Our inaugural presentation of the J. Haley Arts Institute held last June at the Pump Project Art Complex Gallery


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