Itself EXPOatx2012! Recap and Documentation Presentation

The Largest Mechanism for Inland Pirating to date.

First off – Thanks to everyone who came to the opening and the presentations. We had a blast creating this show and, as with all our shows, the experiments that were tested during the EXPO proved most enlightening and could not have happened without the help of Pump Project, our supporters, fans, and collectors.

And for all of those who recieved a personal phone call invitation, we thank you for listening, and the following youtube video gives you another chance to hear the ramble that was the invite.

The Itself EXPOatx2012! was not only an unveiling of design at its richest, it was a culmination of the Product Lab’s conceptual output over the years and a celebration of our founder’s formation of the very institute he helped form.

This EXPO was an art show featuring the work of J. Haley, under a marketing envelope of his own design. From the press, to the web page, to the words on the pieces of art themselves, J Haley manipulated it all. Putting a spin on history, communicating with the future, inventing products, and sharing ideas, this show featured as much work as J. haley could muster.

Please review our photographic evidence.

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