Quirky.com Ideations on the way.

We have begun participating at Quirky.com

This site is designed to create products using community input. They give influence percentage to members and then payout that percentage as the product becomes successful. We have put our lead designer and founder on these product participations and look forward to see what it is he can do.

Quirky dot pattern pen diagram
Experimenting with iPad drawing app, drawing with a finger proved fairly difficult. Funny... Drawing a pen using a finger.

One of our first diagrams in support of Maureen Collins' dot pattern pen – http://www.quirky.com/ideations/220220 – she conceptualized a pen that can draw dots automatically so a teacher or parent can make letter tracing lessons. You know the ones, letters of the alphabet are broken into a dot pattern and then you follow the little arrows and trace the pattern, learning the letter. Hopefully our piston idea helps out the project and influence is awarded… We will see…


And on other invention support news….


Safety glasses pencil holder

We have also found an accepted idea from Malcolm Lawson, that J. had also begun conceptualizing in 2009. It is an idea to have a pencil with the ability to attach to safety glasses. It is great seeing others find the same problems and work to conceptualize solutions. The drawing created a couple years ago will find themselves added to the comments of this idea. We hope it adds influence, and this product makes it to production. It is neat seeing something come together like this.


With a flexible fabric sheath and magnets, this product would fit any number of pens or pencils. It would also allow you to use it on regular glasses, or any pair of safety glasses you already have. Stretchy fabric and magnets
Image for preconceived idea for pencil/glasses attachment


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